Friday, 1 May 2015

Marker Project: Ideas

The following is a collaboration of research into the ideas that would influence the outcome of the whole project. The information gathered must also relate with the theme of "Mobility" and somehow incorporate it into our own.

AIM: Exploring cutting edge design solutions for a marker that indicated the existence of the Blacktown International Sports Park from the Marker Project Meeting

#1 Lightpole/network

Through site visit, the tall light posts from the sports park played a major role in finding the way to the park. Somewhat change the design of the light post to contrast the landscape.

Idea 1: The secondary lights of the light pole (does not affect the lighting of the playing field) responds to the cars from the M7, which has fixed sensors. (Indicates mobility).  

Idea 2: There are multiple markers set on the route towards the sportspark e.g. a bus stop designed with two boomerangs – followed by a a street light pole redesigned and orientated to point towards the sports park located a hundred meters down the road.

Light pole.jpg

#2 Architectural QR on M7

Inspired and suggested by Russell, the group has researched into the development of a 3D QR code which can be scanned from the M7. Influenced by the increasing and rapidly changing development of technology, the idea seemed viable. However, after a bit of discussion with the group members, a 3D QR code on the M7 may end tragic due to the possibility of the driver attempting to scan the 3D QR themselves on a moving vehicle. 

#3 Kinetic Architectural Marker

Kinetic Architecture is a direct visualization of "mobility" through the responsiveness of the architecture to a moving element. Examples include the distorting facade of the Brisbane Airport Parking Garage by Ned Kahn and UAP, where the facade consists of thousands of little panels that swivel and move as a response to the wind passing through. The second example Windswept by Charles Sowers conveys the same idea; by using the wind as a kinetic factor which manipulates the facade.

The manipulation of Kinetic Architecture greatly depends on the current environment of where the marker will be placed. From personal experience and the site visit, the environment of the site was not very windy. 

#4 Anamorphic Markers

Anamorphic markers are objects/illustrations strategically placed to create an illusion of a regular object, shape or pattern when viewed at a specific angle.

This is an idea which may be integrated into our project through the manipulation of a viewers perspective. This may link to the idea of way-finding where the perfect angle at a certain spot on the journey to The Blacktown Sports Park indicates the right way.


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