Saturday, 2 May 2015

Marker Project: Layering the Concepts

As a group, a few concepts were made to strengthen the underlying representations of what our marker will be. Concepts will be layered within all aspects of the marker. This includes the whole journey from the M7 to The Blacktown Sports Park.

The first layer of the concept is not represented through the marker, but the movement of the journey to the Sports Park. This will be represented by the trajectory of a boomerang, a traditional hunting weapon used by the Australian Aboriginal. (Also used as the logo for The Blacktown Sports Park to represent the return of the community into the sports park.) The location of The Blacktown Sports Park does not directly correspond with any M7 exits. Commuters must make an exit at either Wallgrove Rd or The Great Western Highway from the M7 and drive north towards the Sports Park. This pathway somewhat mimics the trajectory of a boomerang where commuters must turn back after exiting the M7 to get to the sports park, which also represents the "come back"of the community into sports.

(Blue - Sports Park// Red - Exits from M7)

As the collaboration continues, more conceptual layers will be added onto the project.


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