Sunday, 3 May 2015

Marker Project: Creating the Virtual Context

As a group, we've decided not to stick with one marker, but plan to create multiple markers, which indicates and enhance the directional cues towards The Blacktown International Sports Park. Each member of the group has been assigned a particular task. The tasks assigned to each members are:

Chris Tee: Prototype
Alex/Annisa: Modelling
Maurishka: Design Concepts and creating the ''Conflict" powerpoint
Jeremy (myself): Topography

I've been assigned to create the virtual context of the site.

Alex has recommended to use a grasshopper plug-in named "Elk". Elk uses two topographic and map platforms from The website contains maps with road presets, distinguishing highways from major and minor roads. Elk uses this information to plot points onto grasshopper, keeping with its respective elements of highways, highway exits, major roads and minor roads.

 Plotting of Map using Elk

Elk Coding

 Elk Terrain Map
Elk Terrain Map Coding

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