Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Week 12/13 - Final Presentation and Wiki

Final Presentation

The final presentation demonstrated the quick progression of this project from a disaster between weeks 1-8, to a somewhat successful finish from weeks 9-12. All members presented very strong, showing confidence in the project and emitting a sense of success not only for the project but also for the individual themselves. Communication lacked within the group for the first 8 weeks, hitting brick wall after brick wall with the progression of the project, however each member took their own role with varying levels of difficulty and managed to do what was needed done. I commend Alex, Annisa and Maurishka with the outcome of the final presentation slides, and everyone for the execution of the presentation.

From this collaborative project, i've learnt of many things that would affect the progression of collaborative work. The major factors were:

  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of deadlines
  • Lack of Firm Leadership
Through this experience, future collaborative projects will consider these factors, ultimately leading to much less stressful projects.

Link to presentation slides:

Group Wiki

Link to Group Wiki Page:

Monday, 8 June 2015

Marker Project Renders

This is a video I've made which showcases the final terrain of the virtual environment and includes the form of the monument as well.

I've also embedded two slideshows showcasing renders I've made for the Marker Project:

Friday, 22 May 2015

Marker Project: Virtual Context Update

In this video, I demonstrate how to add sun effects to the videos created in Lumion. This will be a part of the final renders to create a visually realistic effect.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


This presentation was presented by the Aerial Ropeway project group. I was somewhat confused with the number of people presenting (Jordon and Hayley).

- Good use of video in the beginning to engage the audience with the presentation 
- Presentation layout is very simple and easy to follow
- Related to real world situations well
- Use of stats to relate to students to give a slight indication of career earnings
- Discussion was very informative and presenters knew their information

- Only two members presented
- Could have gone a bit more in depth 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Marker Project: Virtual Context Update

The terrain was developed from a flat plain on Lumion. The Sketchup file of each location was imported into Lumion and the terrain was developed around the model.

Google Maps Street View was a main reference for the terrain, as well as images we have taken during the site visit to the Sports Park. 

Google Map View



This week we presented our own topic of "Conflict." Our group assigned each other to research and present our findings within the topic. The presentation incorporated a few role plays that would somewhat give the audience a clearer understanding of what we were trying to portray. Typical of any presentation, group members were all nervous, however over came and executed the presentation pretty well.

This is the link to the slides we referred to:

This is the link of the collaborative document containing the information we presented:

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Marker Project: Virtual Context Update

Way finding is the main concept of this project, which concluded to the group choosing two locations for the marker project:

  1. The eastern rd Bridge over the M7
  2. The great western highway exit from the M7
It is decided that we will focus on these two areas in terms of modelling the virtual environment. The plan being that each location will have a bit more detail.

Sketchup allows users to input a location into the environment as a reference tool. When imported into the sketchup scene, the location is printed as a 2D surface.

In terms of scale, the measurements are accurate, allowing realistic measurements and estimations of how large the monument will be.