Monday, 4 May 2015


A video was produced by one of the team members using a stop motion styled edit to create a sense of originality and hard work, which caught my attention. The information they shared verbally was enhanced by the video, visually stimulating and engaging the audience and myself into reading and absorbing the information.

The presentation about Planning, addressed by the Virtual Museum group outlined how to plan very clearly. Major points outlined include:

  • Preparing for every situation
  • Case study of how planning helped themselves individually and as a group
  • Ensuring efficiency and being able to execute 
  • Enhancing productivity with thorough planning

Planning plays a critical role in executing a project on time. This not only relates to collaboration projects but also plays a major role in everyday life as an individual. Planning consists of having goals to reach and to possibly go beyond what is expected. Considering the residential distances of each student in the class, planning and collaboration must be a priority for the majority of the groups involved in this subject.

In terms of The Marker Project, planning has been a very poorly executed aspect of our approach to the project. The team does not have a team leader and runs in a non-hierarchical manner where team members are allocated tasks. Experience from previous group projects somewhat gave a sense of knowing each others strengths and capabilities. Alex and Annisa are allocated the modelling process of the markers, Maurishka has been assigned to create the draft for the presentation and document some research, Chris is allocated the interactivity and I have been allocated to create and prepare the virtual terrain for the markers..

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