Monday, 4 May 2015


Communication has evolved in the past few centuries. The advancement in technology has introduced many ways to communicate. In terms of this project, there are a number of mediums to enhance communication between each individual. This includes:

  • Skype - Online conference calls 
A medium to mimic face to face conversations, integrating visual and verbal means through a computer. This is efficient to communicate informal messages.
  • Email - Electronic mail 
Electronic mail can help communicate more detailed and structured information. 

  • Facebook - Social Network
Communicating in a social virtual environment, sharing information informally 

  • Face to Face 
A personal and more emotive means of expressing ideas and information 

This weeks presentation was presented by the Steering Wheel group. 

  • The slides were clear with good use of graphics and illustrations. 
  • The video illustration was creative and can be very informative, however the information was a bit repetitive after Peter already explained the Cheney Model.
  • Informative about different factors that would affect communication.
  • I would have liked to see the group relate to their project a bit more than what was presented 
  • Team is missing leadership, which is also evident in the previous presentation as well. 

Communication, in terms of the Marker Project has been lacking lately. Although the group members know the general direction of the project, communication can be improved in many more ways. Examples include dedicating days to meet up and share information gathered and progression of set tasks. Collating documents and listing resources that the group can refer to in the future. This has been done on Google Docs, however the information seems like it is all over the place, which is shared on the group facebook page.

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