Thursday, 30 April 2015

Marker Project: Back Brief

The marker project members are Alexander Lee, Annisa Rizal, Christopher Tee, Maurishka Sahani and myself. A short aim was provided by Russel Lowe (Lecturer/Tutor) and Nicole (Tutor) where we are to create a "marker" to point out the existence of the Blacktown Sports Park from the M7. The group members and myself took the time to experience the context of the sports park first hand.

Alex, who lives in the Castle Hill area, documented his journey coming down from the north end of the M7 to The Blacktown Sports Park. Annisa, Chris and Myself drove from the South end of the M7 and also documented our journey to The Sports Park. As we gathered and shared information about the journey we found:

1. There were very limited signage and sense of direction to The Sports Park from Alex, Annisa, Chris and Myself.

2. As Annisa and Myself drove in the general direction towards the sports park, we found that the only sense of directions are through a few minute road sign and the tall sports park lights. 

Great Western Highway/Wallgrove RdEastern Rd/South Rooty Hill RdSouth Rooty Hill Rd

*Images shown are of my own, edited by Annisa Rizal

After the site visit, Alex was able to grab documentations on the restrictions of building around the M7 motorway, which came in handy with the potential placement of the marker.

Due to our group members residing in different parts of Sydney, the only way to consistently collaborate for this project is through:

  • Skype - Live communication through speaking in a conference call
  • Facebook Group/Page - An informal online medium to share any information gathered 
  • Google Docs/Presentation - An online medium where information is gathered which, are of a higher standard and quality compared to Facebook
  • Face-to-face meeting 

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